Welcome to scottwpalmer.com — home of Scott Palmer’s On-line Knowledge Emporium™ (SPOKE™) — a network of websites containing college-level courses relating to Russian history, the history of technology, and sundry subjects of interest. Here you will find syllabi; reading, viewing, and browsing lists; media resources; discussion venues; and items of whimsy designed to educate and entertain.

Born of a desire to be liberated from the constraints of a corporate course Mcmanagement system (CMS), the SPOKE™ Network uses the free, open-source wonder of WordPress as a platform for organizing and delivering high-quality, professionally-produced public edutainment via the Intertubes.

As is true of every university course offering, courses within the SPOKE™ network are ever-evolving experiments in pedagogy and marketing. Since its launch in the Fall of 2012, SPOKE™ has provided a “meaningful learning experience” to hundreds of students. With any luck, it’ll serve hundreds more.

If you’ve found your way here you’re either already enrolled in one of my classes or ought to be. Whatever the case, feel free to take a look around. Test drive the network. Sample the irony. Leave a comment or suggestion. (You may wish to start with the “Course Catalog” tab located at the top of this page.)

And thanks for stopping by. New content is added on a regular basis — so please check in whenever the mood suits you. I am happy to offer any and all of the courses in the SPOKE™ “Course Catalog” as an “independent study.” If you’re interested in enrolling in one for university-level credit from an accredited institution, shoot me a message via the “Contact” tab above and we’ll work something out.

Scott W. Palmer