Flight Manuals

The following book is required for History of Flight Culture:

CrouchCoverTom Crouch, Wings: A History of Aviation from Kites to the Space Age (New York: W. W. Norton, 2004)

The estimated list price if purchased new is: $24.95



The following book is strongly recommended:

palmerScott W. Palmer, Dictatorship of the Air: Aviation Culture and the Fate of Modern Russia (Cambridge, UP, 2009) [Paperback edition]

The estimated total list price if purchased new is: $28.00



Please be aware that these books can be obtained at discounted rates via on-line booksellers. To view representative discounted prices for new and used copies of these books, simply click on the titles above.

In addition, required on-line documents, videos, and other new media items will be made available each week via this website.