Spring 2018

Pre-Departure Information

Description: Of the many remarkable inventions produced during the twentieth century, none exerted so powerful or lasting a hold on the human imagination as the airplane. As a transportation technology, a weapon of war, and a symbol of political power as well as personal liberation, the airplane was a vital element in the emergence of the modern world. Beginning with an investigation of the meanings of flight in ancient mythology and concluding with a discussion of the state of aviation and space technology in the early twenty-first century, “History of Flight Culture” provides students with a cross-cultural, multi-media survey of flight’s social, cultural, political, and military impact on world history. Among the numerous topics that will be addressed in this course are: the physics of flight; the impact of aviation on twentieth-century art; the development of civil and commercial aviation; cinematic images of flying; the airplane as an instrument of war, and contemporary developments in the aviation industry. Passengers who successfully complete the journey will disembark with a better understanding of the role of the airplane as an agent of social and political transformation as well as a greater understanding of the centrality of specific cultural factors in contributing to technological development and modernization around the globe.

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