Jack (Entry 3)

April 6, 1917

Today my family and I will be celebrating my birthday. However, it is official we will be going to join the allies in the War in Europe. I have mixed feelings about this news but the Germans have really gone too far in the recent months. For now, I will just enjoy with my family today and think of everything that may come later.

April 13, 1917

Today President Wilson has made an official announcement about the creation of a new committee towards the war effort.

Executive Order 2594—Creating Committee on Public Information
April 13, 1917

I hereby create a Committee on Public Information, to be composed of the Secretary of State, the Secretary of War, the Secretary of the Navy, and a civilian who shall be charged with the executive direction of the Committee.

As Civilian Chairman of this Committee, I appoint Mr. George Creel. The Secretary of State, the Secretary of War, and the Secretary of the Navy are authorized each to detail an officer or officers to the work of the Committee.

I have had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Creel on occasion when following an event for a new story. He was always at events to cover President Wilson and seemed to me to have a personal relationship the president so it comes as no surprise to me that he would head this new department.

April 30, 1917

Today my friend Max gave me a heads up about being asked to work for the CPI. He has worked with Mr. Creel before and has recommended me for a position as a writer. I will have to travel more frequently to Washington D.C. so I will have to talk to Anna about her feelings of me be gone more frequently.

May 4, 1917

Well Anna is fine with me taking the new position and traveling. She is feels we should all be doing our part to help in the war effort and being a support to those being sent to Europe as well as keeping the people here informed. Anna is as busy as ever with work. Her job as a training nurse at the American Red Cross has become very important in the war effort. I have begun my new job. I will be writing about our boys fighting overseas and of their accomplishments in fighting the enemy. Max is working for the CPI as well as an artist. He will be designing some posters that will be displayed throughout the country.

May 18, 1917

Today Congress has passed the Selective Service Act. Daniel had already told me about his wishes to join the Army as a surgeon as soon as he is finished with his school. I know he will do well if he goes in helping in those injured in War. Sophia has her hands full as well in dealing with students whose family members have left to do their part.

October 6, 1917

It has been made illegal to trade with countries hostile to the US. Congress has passed the US Trading with the Enemy Act. I am for it, there is no need to be doing any kind of trading with our enemies. I have started a press release for it. It’s best to get the public informed about these sorts of things as soon as possible.

October 21, 1917

Our boys have made it to the front lines. I have reported that our allies are glad to have our men there to support them in the fight against our ruthless enemy.

November 2, 1917

I had a somber press release, we have lost our first casualty in the war. It’s not as motivating but I am hoping that my press release will help to stir up emotions and get more citizens to try and do their part.

December 28, 1917

I have written a few press releases abut Gen. Pershing recently. He seems to be doing well in his position. To ease the burden of transporting army supplies and munitions across the country, the government has officially taken control of the Railroad. There is a lot that must go into supporting our military. Daniel will be graduating in the fall. Once he is done he will volunteer to go save lives.

January 26, 1918

I wrote a new press release about US pilot Stephen W Thompson being the first in taking down an enemy airplane. I did enjoy writing about that story. Anna has been doing well but extremely busy and sometimes exhausted but since the War Council took over things have been running somewhat more efficiently she said. Apparently, it was quite chaotic before they were given some direction in their purpose.

February 15, 1918

I forgot yesterday was Valentine’s Day. Anna and I haven’t seen much of each other recently die to us being so busy. When I got home she had a a little gift for me and I was so embarrassed that I didn’t have something for her. She just smiled and said not to worry but that I owe her something grand for our wedding anniversary. Daniel has shipped off for his training and will leave to France shortly after. I can’t say that I am not worried but I am proud of him. I will have many prayers for him so that he will return when this is all over.

March 19, 1918

US Pilot Stephen Potter has shot down a German seaplane. He is the first one to do so. Yet another great aviation press release for me to write about. Work has been alright. Sometimes I wonder if what I put out it helping to keep up spirts about the war. Daniel has written that he has arrived in France. It isn’t a pleasant sight but he is determined to make sure to save as many of our boys as he can.

April 6, 1918

This year my birthday is not a happy one. It has been a year since we joined in this war. I miss my son. He is in good health but it seems some men have been coming down with some sort of sickness. Anna has heard of something going around in one of the military bases in Kansas. I am not sure how serious this sickness is. I do hope Anna and Daniel can keep from getting sick.



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