I felt something sharp going through my chest when I realize that he was gone. The next thing I remember were tears coming out of my eyes. I could not help it I felt like I lost a family member. Someone with whom I started to build a relationship and was hoping to keep this relationship till the end of the war and witness his wedding. Before they could take the body away noticed he had his hand in his pocket. I went ahead and look inside and found a letter that he wrote to his fiancée and explaining how he loved her and was praying every day to stay alive till the end of the war even though he did know how long the war will last.

Everyday consisted of the same old routine. Waking up, cleaning the weapons, having breakfast and people starting to go to their respective posts. Not being able to walk nor stand thanks to the war, I started to question what returning home would be like for me as well as all of my comrades and I were going to fit a world , family , friends and social activity that we have lost contact with for at least fours years. I just now realized the concern of my sister as I visited her before the war broke. Sometimes we engage in activities while we do not fully measure the consequences nor the impact that it may have on us. Going to war for me seemed like an easy thing at the time something I could use to justify to my father that I was manly enough to defend our great country against the enemy. But, as I stand today technically, I would never have imagined one second that I could have been injured badly and lose a foot be around of so many dead people, blood and not panic. Sometimes as I sit allow and lost in my thoughts, I ask myself why we do not call the enemy camp and ask to make peace so all those hostilities would stop and I remember that this is war and not some children fight happening on the patio. I was tired of the war. Four straight long years of battle, people dying, bombing killing, cutting off people feet and destroying the city. Day by day I would ask myself when would it stop so that we could all go home and go visit my late comrade’s fiancée and give her the note only remaining of my dear friend. It then hit me that over these past years, I did not even sent a single letter to Francesca, my Italien lover. I am sure she does not even know that I am on the battlefield. I was now thinking about going to Italy to meet her and have a family with her. I am sure she has been waiting on me I would myself trying to have recomfort and trying to escape the trap of the war. November 1918 was the day I was waiting for. The war ended and I was able to go back home and see my sisters and nephews. Everything about my city had changed, I was now the one that everyone looked at and wonder what happened to me. The great war happened I would constantly say as an answer and ready to recall the event to those asking  me what was it like on the field. I will them primarily to be careful about what they wish for and they should not enroll to go to war just because they want to defeat their parents or what so ever. Death on the battlefield does no who enlisted just for fun or to defend the color of it’s country flag. « VIVE LES FRANÇAIS, VIVE LA France » the people that listen to me will constantly say every time I finish my story.

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