(Note: All due dates appear in the “Schedule” above)

Map Quizzes (x2): 15% (Quiz #1 = 10%; Quiz #2= 5%) Grades will be based on accuracy, neatness, and panache.

Hourly Exams (x2): 30% (15% each) Each course exam will consist of four (out of eight) Identification terms (worth a cumulative 40% of the exam grade) and an essay (60% of exam grade).

Comparative Reading Response: 15% A 5-7 page (2,000 – 2,500 word) essay written in response to a question prompt provided by your instructor. Detailed instructions will be made available at least one week prior to the assignment due date.

Wartime Journal: 15% A concise biographical summary followed by a series of three (3) short blog posts (500 – 1,250 words each) written in the form of a personal journal or diary. Journal entries should describe the Great War and its impact on daily life in historically accurate terms; they must be written from the perspective of a fictionalized persona who experienced the conflict. Personae will be drawn at random at the second class meeting of the semester. For detailed instructions about this assignment, visit the Depot.

Final Exam: 25% Identical in format to the two hourly exams. The final exam is cumulative; although most of the exam will cover materials/topics addressed during the last third of the course, you will be expected/required to respond to questions touching upon issues/themes, etc. discussed throughout the semester

[For a description of Prof. Palmer’s grading scale click here.]