August 26, 1915

Dearest Theo,

Well here we are, three months since you left to fight. I really miss you. Everyone really misses you. Things are starting to get harder, but it is nothing to worry about. Cooper is starting school soon and he and I really wished you could be here his first day. I really enjoyed your last letter, it was really sweet. I know its lame but knowing that you miss me as much as I miss you makes me feel better. I am happy to hear that your days are getting easier! You are probably right, I bet your stomach will adjust to eating less every day. I am really excited about the ideas you gave me for painting too! You are so right about me enjoying painting night time skies, painting the moon is my favorite hobby right now. It is just so peaceful to be outside and enjoy the night.

The boys wanted me to tell you they miss you also. Cooper started playing soccer with the boys in the neighborhood and he really likes it! He was asking if he could join a local team with boys his age, which I think will be adorable because they are all learning. Janis and I had a fight yesterday, it was pretty stupid actually. We argued about whether or not we thought that the Canary Girls are going to have long term effects. I said that I do not think that they will have long term effects, but she does. She thinks that any children they give birth to many have problems, and she also worries that the yellow hint will not go away. I on the other hand want to think that once the war ends and everyone goes back to their normal jobs, that the girl’s problems would go away. I mean how long could the war last anyway right? I am hoping at least that the war does not last much longer.

We went to your parents’ house last weekend, and the boys had a blast. Your mother was strange though, I think maybe she is said that she has not gotten as many letters as me. Kidding of course, but really I think she has a problem with me working. She is so traditional, she just does not understand why I decided to get a job and why I am not staying at home with the boys. Maybe if I had decided to do work somewhere more feminine she would have approved. Nevertheless, I need to work and I am going to keep working. Your father on the other hand loves that I found a job in the munition factory. He keeps telling me about how our factories are making most of the artillery for the war and how he thinks that this is currently one of the most important jobs being offered. I wish we lived closer to my family, I have been missing them lately. I think it might be because you are not here so I start thinking about all the other people I miss. When you get back we have to take a trip to visit them for a couple days.

I hope your next letter comes soon, I loooooove reading them. Maybe you could write a small letter for the boys so I can read it to them. They would really enjoy that. I am always waiting for the day you come home.

With Love,


P.S. The new rugs and the new bed spread look great. It kind of funny, but at the rate I am going the whole house will look brand new by the time you get home! I am incredibly excited!

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