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6 Characteristics of civilization
Started by jsoto 2 years ago
Regarding the 6 characteristics, I have them as 1) Scarcity amid plenty; 2)Power/insecurity; 3)Russia as Europe's "other; 4) State as agent of change; 5) faith of transfigured future and 6) pursuit of a "Russian" way
However, I do not have in depth details regarding all 6 of these. If you could please clear up what the all mean, that would be great
Thank you

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Prof. Palmer replied 2 years ago...

My apologies for the delay in responding. These six items represent the general themes/issues that, I argue, define the "nature" of Russia and have played a role in shaping its development over the course of its long history. They have been "embedded" in the lectures and materials we have covered during the semester.

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