Dr. Alan Holiman is Professor and Chair of Political Science at William Jewell College. He received his B.A.  in Political Science from the University of Arkansas, an M.A. degree in Political Science from The Ohio State University, an M.A. degree in Russian and East European Studies and a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Kansas. His special interests include comparative politics (Russia and other post-communist states). Dr. Holiman is former director of the Summer Institute on Russian Politics at the Moscow Higher School of Economics, sponsored by the American Councils for International Education. He is currently at work on a book, titled “Terrorism, the State, and Civil Society: The Human Face of Political Violence in Putin’s Russia.”




Dr. Scott W. Palmer is Professor and Chair of History at the University of Texas, Arlington. A specialist in the history of late Imperial Russia and the Soviet Union, Dr. Palmer earned his B.A. in History and Slavic Languages & Literatures from the University of Kansas (1989) and his Ph.D. in History from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (1997). He is author of Dictatorship of the Air: Aviation Culture and the Fate of Modern Russia (Cambridge University Press, 2006) as well as numerous scholarly articles and essays. His current book-length project, How Russia was Made: Technology and Culture from the Icon to the iMac, examines the foreign origins and domestic transformation of major technological systems from the founding of the Kievan state through the opening decades of the twenty-first century. He is the creator and host of the eponymous SPOKE ™ network which serves as home to “Stalinism: Culture and Civilization.”