The Reading Summary:

In partial fulfillment of course requirements, students will be expected to prepare each week a 1-2 pp. “Reading Summary” based on the assigned texts. At the beginning of each week’s meeting, your instructor will announce the names of those students who will be required to submit their Reading Summary for assessment at the end of the evening’s class. Students who are unable to deliver a summary when called upon to do so will receive a zero for that portion (5%) of their course grade.

Each student enrolled in technology : culture : society will be required to submit at total of four (4) Reading Summaries during the semester.



The Reading Summary must be typed, double-spaced between entries, in 11-12 pt. font size on standard (8.5 x 11 in) white paper. Each Reading Summary must include the following items, presented in the following order:

Section 1: Key Terms/Concepts

A list of five (5) key terms or concepts derived from the assigned readings for the week. Each term/concept must be accompanied by a brief (1-2 paragraph) description identifying/defining the term/concept, pinpointing its historical origins, and summarizing its broader historical significance. In other words, for each item, your description must answer: Who (or what) the item is. When and how it is first encountered. And why it is historically important.

Section 2: Questions for Consideration

Two (2) broad questions related to the week’s overarching theme/topic inspired by the readings. These questions may be ones that you asked yourself during the course of reading. They should be suitable to serve as the basis for class discussion. They should reflect your attempts at grappling with the concepts and ideas presented in the assigned materials and the beginning of your efforts to understand their wider meanings/implications in relation both to the history of technology and technology’s historical impact in shaping modern culture and society.



Students will receive a grade of “Check+”, “Check”, “Check-” or “No Credit” for each of their submitted Reading Summaries. These marks translate, roughly, into the equivalent of “A,” “B,” “C” and “F,” respectively. [For a general description of your instructor’s grading scale, click here.]

Assignments that contain significant grammatical, spelling, or compositional errors will receive significantly lower (or no) scores.

Regarding Class Absences

Students who miss class for any reason are required to submit a “Reading Summary” for the class they did not attend. In these instances, however, the “Reading Summary” must contain eight (8) Key Terms and three (3) Questions for Consideration.