The Technological Sketch:

In partial fulfillment of this course you are required to submit a short research/writing assignment focusing on an inventor or technology. Although you are free to structure your “sketch” as you see fit, it should address the following issues:

For Sketches about People:
  • essential biographical information relating to the individual’s life
  • the historical contexts (cultural, national, social, etc.) in which individual lived and worked
  • major event(s) in the life of the individual
  • the individual’s contribution to the history of technology
For Sketches about Items/Devices/Processes:
  • background information on the company/constructor who designed or devised the item
  • major issues influencing development, operation, and commercialization (where applicable)
  • evaluation of the nature of the innovation (design, application, etc.) and its success (or failure)
  • the technology’s impact or influence on then contemporary society and culture
  1. Your Technological Sketch must be typed, double-spaced, in black ink. It must be between 5-7 pages in 11 or 12 font size.
  2. Your sketch must draw upon no fewer than three (3) sources. Of these, no more than two (2) may come from the Internet. These sources must be above and beyond materials assigned for class or identified on the course web site.
  3. Your sketch must be accompanied by a bibliography and must include proper citations, when necessary.
  4. Your must have your topic approved by the instructor in advance. No more than one student will be allowed to write a sketch on a given person or device. Topics will be approved/assigned on a “first come, first served” basis.
  5. Your sketch is due at the beginning of the class coinciding with your topic on April 30th. Late papers will not be accepted.