An upper-division survey of the domestic and international experience of the “American way of war” from 1605 to the present, this course introduces students to the manner in which the Armed Forces of the USA, its allies, and enemies evolved and adapted through interaction with one another across four centuries of armed conflict.

Among the broad subjects introduced during the semester, students will investigate the ever-evolving nature, doctrine, and tactics of warfare; intellectual and technological components of conflict; theories (and realities) of battle; and the origin (and evolution) of contemporary “peace-keeping operations” across the globe. Specific topics include the intellectual foundations of American military thought (with emphasis upon British, Prussian, French, German, Italian, Soviet, Chinese, and Asian influences); organizational changes inspired by domestic and foreign developments; and analysis of the interaction between U.S. service branches and the military might of Native American, Latin American, European, and Asian powers. The evolution of NATO, the origins and role of United Nation-supported conflicts and interventions, and the US military’s role in combating global terrorism round out the course.

Students who successfully complete “U.S. Military History” will possess an understanding of the American military experience as the product of domestic and global engagements over the past 400 years.

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