Content Quizzes


In partial fulfillment of the course requirements you will submit one (1) “Content Quiz” for two (2) of the eight (8) units covered during the semester. Each of these quizzes is worth 5% of your semester grade.


Although the form, length, and scope of each quiz will be influenced by the form, length, and scope of the book associated with the given unit, as a general rule each quiz will consist of some combination of the following types of questions:

1. Short-answer: abbreviated (one- or two-word) responses to questions of fact drawn from the assigned text and preceding mini-lectures. The short answer component of the quiz is intended to demonstrated that you have read the assigned text, been attentive during class, and are able of re-locating or recalling specific information.

2. Critical Reflection: somewhat longer responses (from 2-3 sentences to upwards of a short paragraph) to questions pertaining to arguments, themes, and/or events addressed in the text and mini-lectures. The critical reflection component of the quiz is intended to demonstrate that you are capable of drawing accurate conclusions (through deduction, inference, etc.) about issues/themes not necessarily stated explicitly by the author or your instructor.

3. Historical Analysis: similar in length and nature to the critical reflection component of the quiz, these questions are designed to test  your ability to analyze information within appropriate historical contexts. Typical questions will require you to interpret information addressed in assigned texts, mini-lectures, and other course resources.

Administration & Submission Instructions

Each quiz will be available for download as a Word .docx file (via the “Handouts” page) approximately one week before the discussion/due date of the book in question. You must hand in your TYPED, completed quiz at the beginning of class on the corresponding “due date” (the day the text in question is discussed in class). Quizzes may be submitted early; they will not be accepted late.